Heading off on a new adventure means you need to plan what you are going to take along with you. Are you going on a summer holiday and will need to pack swimwear? Or are you going on a camping trip where you will need to pack a tent full of items? Regardless, every trip is different and therefore you will need to take different things with you. However there are some products that you should take travelling with you as they will make your life easier. Read on to find out which 10 products you need to take travelling with you in 2019.

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Packing Cubes

If you like to stay super organised when you are travelling then one of the best things for you to purchase is a set of packing cubes. Packing cubes are pretty self-explanatory. They are cubes that you can separate your clothes, toiletries and other items into. These are extremely helpful at knowing exactly where everything is in your suitcase, they also make your suitcase look super neat and organised. Also, if you prefer to travel with a backpack, it means you don’t have to rummage around in your sack for too long. You simply pull the right packing cube out and from there it’s easy.

A Camera

A camera is not a necessary product to take travelling with you but in my experience it enhances your experience. Think about a trip you went on a couple of years ago and ask yourself how much you can remember about that trip. As the years go on you remember less and less. However if you had some nice photographs to look back on then you can almost relive your memories long after you returned from your trip.

One of the best cameras to take with you on holidays where you will be in water or holidays full of adventurous activities is the GoPro. This little camera is very small, meaning you can fit it anywhere. Also, it can now shoot 4k which is an added bonus.

However one of the disadvantages of a GoPro is that it only shoots wide angled shots. If you’re more interested in an affordable camera that takes high quality photos and can zoom then the Canon G7x is a good camera to opt for.

Power bank

One item that I cannot go without is a power bank. When I’m travelling around in a new city, I need a fully charged phone and camera. There’s nothing worse than when your camera dies and you really want to carry on taking photographs or you’re lost and you need a charged phone to use google maps. Me and my partner also tend to opt for digital tickets for trains, attractions and boarding passes and so we really need to make sure our phones are fully charged.

Universal Adaptor

Whenever you travel to a new country you need to make sure that you have a power adaptor that fits the countries plug sockets. Most countries power sockets vary and so if you want to use your chargers you will need to a take an adaptor. I used to always purchase separate adaptors for every country I visited until I discovered that you can  purchase a universal adaptor that has multiple options to fit multiple socket types. This is particularly ideal if you are going on a long trip and will be visiting multiple different countries. It saves you having to carry around multiple adaptors.

Money Belt/ Bum Bag

One of my favourite items that I always wear when I am travelling anywhere is my bum bag (or ‘fanny pack‘). It is perfect for when you’re going through airports or train stations because all the important stuff is so easily accessible. Passport, money, bank cards are all good things to keep in your bum bag. This also makes those important items more secure because they are right in front of you. A thief will have a harder time stealing those items when they’re in your bum bag than if they were with your other luggage.

A male alternative, or something that may be easier for men to wear, is a money belt. This is because often men wear shorts that can easily conceal it. This little device is a belt with a secret pocket that you can wear on your waist under your clothing. Not only is this a perfect place to hide money, but you can also purchase waterproof money belts that you can wear in the water.

A Dry Bag

A popular item to travel with, especially if you’re heading to hot countries where you will be around the water a lot of the time, is a dry bag. These are bags that are waterproof and can keep your stuff dry when you are: at the beach, on a boat trip and/or round a swimming pool. These can come in many different sizes dependent on what you are planning to put in them.

Extension lead

Another extremely useful travel hack that was recently brought to my attention is to take an extension lead on holiday with you. This means that you only have to take/purchase one adaptor as opposed to however many plug sockets you would need. This is particularly useful if you are traveling with a family and everyone needs a plug socket to charge their phone. Perhaps if you are travelling solo then this may not be something you would need to take travelling with you.

A Good Book

This is just a personal preference but I can not go anywhere without a good book to keep me entertained on long journeys. I usually like to read something travel related or about characters that are going on adventures. One of the last books I read was by one of my favourite YouTubers Psychotraveller and it was about her journey on a working holiday visa in Australia. I have given this book a review and you can read this here if you would like.

Waterproof cover for your backpack

This item isn’t essential but it is a good purchase if you are going to be walking around with a backpack on your back. If it rains whist you are outside with your backpack then without a waterproof cover your backpack and its contents would get wet. This is the last thing you would want as it may make all your clothes smell damp. One simple solution is to purchase a waterproof cover for your back.

Travel Pillow

Last but not least, one product that you should always travel with is a travel pillow. They come in many variations and it can prevent you getting a sore and tender neck on long journeys. A lot of travel pillows can be rolled into small packaging which you can easily tie onto your backpack. This way you do not need to use up your luggage space.

This list covers just 10 suggestions of good travel products to carry with you. There are endless others. Comment below your suggestions that you would add to the list!

Alternatively, if you would like to learn about the different ways you can work your way around the world then I have also written a post all about 5 businesses that allow you to travel the world.


  1. Ooo these are some really good ideas! I seriously wish I had a waterproof backpack cover sometimes!

  2. Macey Gloria Reply

    Love these ideas! I definitely always need a portable charger with me, or power bank, as you called it. I take sooo many books with me, especially on week-long trips–I should really invest in a Kindle to save space haha :’)


    • I thought about getting a kindle but I just love having a solid book and I think I’d get a headache from looking at a screen too much

      • Macey Gloria Reply

        Oh I’d definitely have to get the original type, the kind that don’t have “proper” screens, if that makes sense :’) because I couldn’t stand looking at a screen either haha

  3. This is a great list!! I’m trying to read as many travel posts as possible as I’m going on an overseas trip soon and I feel like I need as much help as I can get! I 10000% agree that taking a good book on a holiday is essential, I always make sure I have like 3 books just in case I end up finishing one. It’s also perfect to get through long plane trips! Those packing cubes sound really cool, I’ll definitely have to look into that!

  4. Chloe Chats Reply

    Great post! I have never thought about using packing cubes before.. that’s such a good idea, helps keep the suitcase far more organised, I’m such a mess with my packing haha. I always like to bring a book as well, especially if it’s a relaxing beach holiday!

    Chloe xx

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