Travelling is a lot more accessible than it was fifty years ago and we only have the internet to thank for that. More people are being educated on working holiday visas by social influencers and searching online means you are more likely to find cheap flights. However, becoming educated on travel is not the only reason that backpacking is increasingly popular. Having a decent laptop is resulting on people using an online presence to work their way around the world. With a little bit of creativity, there are many ways you can utilise the internet to your advantage. Here is just 5 businesses that allow you to travel the world. 


Uploading travel vlogs onto YouTube is one way a lot of backpackers have made enough money to continue their adventures around the globe. After establishing a following on YouTube and other social networking sites such as Instagram, travel vloggers make money through advertisement and sponsorships. Some successful YouTubers also branch out  into other ventures using their following to their advantage. For example, selling branded clothes or writing and selling a book is one way YouTubers top up their monthly income. So, if you’re on the look out for a business that allows you to travel the world then perhaps look into making some entertaining videos to upload online.

Web design

As Web Design revolves solely around well… the web, it comes at no surprise that being a Web Designer is one business that allows you to travel around the world. One of the best things about being a Web Designer is that it is a business that is very hard to go bankrupt in as it takes little to no investment to set up. Sure there are software and web hosting costs to getting your own website up online, but after that then your clients pay for what they get.

Setting up a Web Design business is how me and my partner are planning to backpack across the globe and if you’re interested to read more on this then comment below any questions you may have.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is one unique way to travel the world and the best thing about this job is that you choose the services that you provide. From email management to event planning, Virtual Assistants can perform an array of services. Essentially you create a website with a list of services you can provide for a business and then you choose how much your time is worth. The best part of the business is that you are a ‘Virtual’ Assistant meaning that you can work from a laptop and usually talk to your clients through Skype alone.

However, if you are thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant to travel the world then you need to be cautious of time zones. If you are providing a service that requires you to be in constant contact with your client then you don’t want to be on the other side of the globe, otherwise you will be working all night long. Try providing services that you can complete in your own time and you do not need to constantly be in contact with your client after new information.


One business that has been allowing people to travel the world for years is to become a photographer or videographer. Think of all the stunning sunsets and beautiful scenery you will come across on your travels. If you have a decent camera and a little bit of talent, you can make some good money out of photographing or videoing your travels. People all round the globe are willing to pay for professional portraits or photoshoots. If you head off on your travels with a good portfolio and you know how to market your work, then you won’t have any issues making money.

Other than making YouTube videos, being a videographer means you can use your skills to: sell high quality videos on stock websites, make promotional videos for small businesses or perhaps making wedding or birthday party videos for people could earn you some extra cash.

Travel Writer

One profession that predates both photography and videography is the printed word. Writing about adventures and reviewing destinations has been a thing long before travel blogs. A lot of magazines and newspapers would have a travel section and that would mean that journalists and travel writers would need to be sent to destinations for review. What better way to travel the world, than to have a written account of your travels to look back on in years to come.

Amongst other reasons, I decided to create a travel blog so that I would have memories in writing for future reference. If one day I could make a living out of sharing my experiences then that would be a dream come true.


Are there any other businesses you can think of that give you the freedom to travel the world? Comment them below and lets share ideas!





  1. My goal since I was tiny has been to be able to travel the world and write about it and make a living as I go! Only last year did I even get the courage to start blogging so fingers crossed I can do it one day x I love these ideas 🙂

  2. I see quite a lot of people with virtual assistant services that also travel! My job is quite smart working so I think I could get away with it if I tried although good point on timezones!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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