For some people, packing a suitcase to take with you on your travels can be extremely stressful. What if you haven’t packed enough clothes? How are you going to get everything to fit into one bag? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. One common method to pack for a big trip away is to write down a list of everything you may need and then tick the items off as you put them into your bag. However, there are other things you mustn’t forget when packing your suitcase/backpack. There also some little tricks to make your items more secure and to make packing less stressful.

Always remember a padlock

One thing that you should always remember to do when packing your suitcase for any trip is to padlock the zips together. This is to help prevent anyone wanting to steal your luggage. Sure, any thief that wanted to get into your suitcase could easily enough break the lock, however it is a deterrent. After all, a thief would prefer to steal a suitcase without a padlock on to save themselves the hassle.

If you prefer to travel with a backpack as opposed to a suitcase then don’t worry you can still use a padlock to keep it secure. You can purchase these padlocks that are attached to a wire that you can wrap around your backpack and into compartments to prevent pockets and compartments from being opened. You can find these here.

Luggage Tags

It is always a good idea to attach a luggage tag to your suitcase or backpack just in case it goes missing. These can be as affordable as you would like. You can purchase them at a pound shop or you can get designer brands. You simply fill in your details and attach it to your luggage.

One thing you should never do however is fill in your address. They usually have an option for your name, phone number and address however it isn’t advised to put your address down. This is simply for your own security. If you were to be followed by anyone, they can easily find out your address by taking a peek at your luggage when you’re not looking! Leaving your number and email address is enough for the airport to contact on you on if your suitcase is found.


This may be an easy tip, but you need to remember to leave your cosmetics in your checked in luggage and not keep it for your hand luggage. All airlines have guidelines on how much liquid you’re allowed in your hand luggage and so you need to remember to pack everything else into your suitcase. A lot of airports also require you to pack cosmetics into clear, transparent bags which is important to remember. The last thing you want is to be forced to throw away expensive cosmetics at security because you had forgotten to check the airport guidelines.

Power Adapters

If you are leaving the country, then you need to make sure you pack an adaptor for all your chargers. Electrical plug sockets vary depending on which country you are in so in order to plug in any USB adaptors you have, you need to have an adaptor. If you are travelling to more than one country or you don’t know where you might end up, the best thing to purchase is a universal adaptor that have plug in options for every country.


One of the most important things to remember when packing your suitcase is to not leave all of your valuables, or expensive items, sitting at the top. If you are staying in a hostel for example and there is a chance someone if going to roam through your bag, you do not want to make it easy for them to find your expensive items. For example, if you have a sentimental bracelet then perhaps place it inside a sock and then inside a small compartment in your bag. Do not leave it right on top for them to see straight away.


These are just five pieces of advice to help you on your travels. I publish new travel content every week so make sure you subscribe to be notified of this. For further information on some essential items every traveller should have then follow the link here.


  1. These are great tips! I still like to use a lock on my suitcase even though my partner insists they’re not useful. He was not impressed when he returned from a trip last year and had some items stolen from his case and his luggage put on the belt open! Locks are important! 😄😜

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