About Me

When I am asked to describe myself, I never know what to say. Who even am I? What are my passions in life? Where do I see myself in five years time? All of these questions I struggle to answer. However, I will be able to give you a few small bibliographical details – hopefully that will tell you all you need to know.

Born in Essex I attended school and  sixth form until eventually I somehow landed myself up in Manchester Studying BA Drama and Screen Studies. I always knew I wanted to travel and so during one summer I signed up to Camp America and spent the summer in Maryland, U.S.A. working at a Girl Scout Camp. This was just the best adventure I could’ve asked for and now I’m planning to escape university and never stop jetting round the world.

I started this blog because I wanted to keep improving my writing skills. Now, writing about anything and everything is my favourite thing to do. Anyway, if you would like to know more about why I started a blog, then I’ve actually written everything you need to know in one post. Imagine that.

You can follow me on my adventure’s if you would like, potentially? To do this sign up to my mailing list where you will be treated to new posts whenever I can get round to writing (P.S. I am not the most organised person around).

I hope you enjoy reading my little corner of the internet! For PR enquiries feel free to contact me.


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