Walton-on-the-Naze is a small seaside town in Essex and it is where I spent a large proportion of my childhood. My Nan owned a caravan at the Naze Marine holiday park and so me and my family always had a place to stay. This week my family spent a week in Walton-on-the-Naze and the weather wasn’t brilliant however we managed to make the most of it. As it is a small town, it seems that there isn’t much to do, however there are plenty of things to do in Walton-on-the-Naze. I am going to tell you just how you can make the most of your time at the seaside.

The Beach

The main thing to do in Walton-on-the-Naze is to take advantage of the fact that you are at the seaside. This past week, although the weather has fluctuated, we managed to have one sunny day at the beach. From swimming in the sea to building sandcastles, there are a while range of seaside activities to take advantage of.

Walton-on-the-Naze beach
Walton-on-the-Naze beach

Thing to do at the beach

One of my favourite things to do at the beach is to play Cricket. It is easy enough to set up and you don’t have to be very strict with the rules. Me and my family don’t play the game right. We simply like to have one bowler and one batter and however may fielders and then we take it in turns and see how long each can last as batter. But playing Cricket is not the only thing you can do at the beach, there are numerous other sports you can play. For example: Tennis, Racing and kicking a football around are also suited for the seaside.

Football at the beach

Swimming in the sea is all dependent on the weather. However, when me and my family play cricket it is inevitable that you will end up in the sea to get the ball. Although the water is freezing to begin with, once you get your shoulders under you’re fine and dandy.


How to make the most of your time at the beach

When you’re spending a day at the beach, it’s important to be prepared. You should always wear sun screen – don’t be a fool like me thinking it’s too cold to get burnt and then end up with second degree burns! Secondly, to make it an inexpensive trip then taking a packed lunch is a good idea. However, if you don’t take a packed lunch it’s not the end of the world. Walton-on-the-Naze has numerous little cafés and ice creams stands that sell food and drink.

Another thing you should take with you the beach is a blanket to lay on and perhaps a windbreaker to prevent the wind blowing sand onto you.  I also like to take a speaker so I can listen to music and the UE BOOM 2 speaker is a good option as it is portable and has a good battery life, but most importantly it is waterproof.

UE BOOM 2 speaker at the beach
UE BOOM 2 speaker

Walton-on-the-Naze Pier

The Walton-on-the-Naze pier is a very traditional British pier and it offers many things to do on it. There are plenty of  machines to play on and there are small rides like the Bumper Cars and the Waltzers. Further along the pier there is a Ten Pin bowling alley with a bar and pool tables.

However, I’m not a fan of wasting lots of money on fruit machines and so I like the Walton-on-the-Naze pier because you can walk all the way to the end of it. There is something very peaceful about standing out at sea and looking back at the shore. From the end of the pier you can see the whole of Walton-on-the-Naze including the Naze Tower.

The Naze

The Naze is a nature reserve in Walton-on-the-Naze that overlooks the sea. It is a great place to walk your dogs and I often visit the Naze primarily for this reason. As a child, my nan would take us along the beach looking for sharks teeth. I was never any good at this however my sisters keen eye would always reward her with a handful. One thing to do at the Naze is to climb to the top of the Naze Tower. It is very inexpensive and the view from the roof of the tower is beautiful, you can stare right out at sea.

Walton-on-the-Naze is a very English seaside town. It’s beach is not the most beautiful in the world but the small town is a very peaceful place to escape to for a couple of days. I have so many memories created in Walton-on-the-Naze and I look forward to many more to come!

Comment below if you have a place where you would often visit as a child that holds a special place in your heart.





It has now been two years since I jetted off to the United States to spend an entire summer working as a lifeguard on a Girl Scout Camp. Thanks to Camp America I was able to have the summer of a lifetime and meet many incredible and brilliant people. Although it was two years ago, I still remember exactly how nervous I was boarding that plane wondering if I was making the right decision. Well, I did make the right decision, and so I thought I would share 5 of my fondest memories from my summer spent doing Camp America!

1) The Paint War

One of my favourite memories about working on a summer camp in the United States was how random and bizarre some days would get. The activities for the kids are enjoyable not only for the campers but for the counsellors too.

For two weeks over the summer, the theme was, ‘colour wars’. These two weeks meant that the campers and counsellors were separated into four teams, into their ‘colours’. The rest of the week was spent in competition with each other in many different games and activities.

One activity during ‘Colour Wars’ that stood out for me involved a lot of paint. The aim of the game was for the white sheets of giant paper on the floor to be covered with the colour of your team and the majority colour at the end would win on the challenge. However, to get paint smeared on the canvas, it had to be done with your bare feet alone. The game, although it was hilarious, wasn’t logistically planned well and so… a lot more paint was spilt.

Within 30 seconds of the game starting I was suddenly covered in head to toe with paint. All the paint the arts and crafts had in stock for the entire week was spilt and suddenly we were all up till the early hours of the morning getting the children and ourselves showered. I loved how no one had a care in the world. It’s hard to explain just how fun camp really is and I think only people who have experienced it will know what it is really like.

2) Organised Mass Chaos

Similar to the Paint War, Organised Mass Chaos was an activity which intentionally created a lot of mess. Four counsellors were chosen to become the best ‘Ice Cream’. This meant that the children had to use shaving foam, silly string and whatever else to transform their counsellor into an Ice Cream. Yes, you guessed it. This activity also broke out into a messy fight.

Fortunately for me however, I was crowned the best counsellor Ice Cream and that will forever be one of my life’s greatest achievements!

Colour Wars at Summer Camp
Crowned Best Counsellor Ice Cream during Colour Wars

3) Paddlesport training

During the first week or two at camp (before the campers arrive), everyone is just getting to know everyone. It is training week and so you will be trained in the important stuff such as, safeguarding and emergency drills. However, the best training is when you’re being trained in what you will specialise in as a counsellor. For me and perhaps 8 other counsellors, we were chosen to be trained in teaching Paddlesport activities such as Canoeing and Kayaking.

I was hired by the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and this meant that I could be stationed at three different camps (depending on where I was needed). The only camp that had a lake (as opposed to a river) was Camp Todd and this is where we were trained in water-sports.

For four days we had the most amazing time laughing at each other tipping over the canoes and watching camp-related films such as Camp Rock in the evening. I think because it was right at the beginning of camp, that time away from all the other counsellors greatly influenced who we would spend more time with and form the closest bonds with whilst at camp.

One memory that particularly stands out for me during this time was seeing my first snake. It appeared out of no where and the first thing I knew of the situation was the Australian jumping straight onto the picnic table. It was completely harmless, it was just my first time seeing a snake in the wild.

Camp Grove Point, Maryland

4) Camp Sing Songs

At camp, you get taught the most random songs you will ever hear in your life, and I knew that this a part of camp life before I arrived. However, what I didn’t know was just how often everybody would just break out into song at any opportunity. Walking out after dinner is the perfect time to break into a High School Musical duet and when cleaning camp at the end of a long week, it is essential to relearn the Hoedown Throwdown dance from Hannah Montana all over again!

Did you know that randomly bursting out into song and dance is a great way to bond and meet new people? Only at camp is it just everyday behaviour.

5) Goodbye Week

The hardest part about spending a whole summer working at a summer camp in the United States is saying goodbye. At my camp, there were a couple of big goodbye events that were tearjerkers. However, for me the tears started the first day of the last week. It’s hard to put into words what camp did for me. I know it’s a big cliché but camp did change my life for the better. It taught me not to take life so seriously and so when it was coming to an end it was very emotional.

There was a goodbye bonfire in which we sang camp songs and shared our best memories and it was the perfect way to end an amazing summer!

Camp Grove Point, Maryland
Camp Grove Point Staff 2017

If I was to write about all the amazing memories I have from being at camp, I think I would be writing forever (or, well… 3 months). Two years has gone by since I left for camp and I still remember most of the camp songs and the smell of Taco Tuesday waiting in the dining hall. Have you ever been to camp? If so comment below your favourite memories of camp! If you would like to read more about my time at camp then you can do so here!


Manchester in all it’s glory is a big place. So, understandably there is a huge amount of things to do in Manchester and things to see in Manchester. You may be wishing to visit Manchester for the Coronation Street tour or to see a football match at Old Trafford, but I’m here to tell you that there is so much more that Manchester has to offer. Nicknamed the capitol of the North there is bound to be a few Hidden Gems of Manchester that you are unfamiliar with…

Frog and Bucket Comedy Club

If you are moving to Manchester or you are visiting on the right day of the week, the Frog and Bucket Comedy Club is a nice relaxed night out. This comedy club is always hosting new talent and you get to watch up and coming acts from as little as ten pound. Or if you are a student you can get free entry on selected nights. Located in the Northern Quarter, the Frog and Bucket Comedy Club has the best selection of drinks.

On a Monday night an event called ‘Beat the Frog’ takes place. This is a game where three members of the audience each have a card they can hold up at any point. The aim is for the comedian to perform for five minutes however if the three cards in the audience get held up then the comedian has to get off the stage. The acts are in competition with each other to see who can stay standing for the longest. It is great fun and this event is one of my favourite Hidden Gems of Manchester.

If you have time however, I would recommend having a look at the other comedy clubs in the Northern Quarter. You never know which venue the best comedians are going to choose, after all.


Inflatanation is one of the best kept secrets of Manchester and I would really recommend paying a visit if you are a big child at heart. Located in Trafford Park is a gigantic bouncy castle arena where you can spend an hour jumping down inflatable slides, knocking your friends from podiums and having a war in the giant ball pit. It is a brilliant place for both children and adults. But, be sure to take plenty of drink as after half an hour you will be needing a gallon of water and a good nights sleep. No wonder the place is often used for fitness classes!

Chill Factore

If you’re interested in learning to ski or learning to snowboard then Chill Factore is the place to be. Not everyone can afford a family trip to the French alps, but that does not mean you have to miss out on all the fun.

Roxy Ballroom

Roxy Ballroom is in the ideal location. Situated in Deansgate, it is right next to a Weatherspoons and just round the corner from the cinema, so whichever date you had in mind Roxy Ballroom is in an ideal location. It is a small activities centre where you can play ping pong and snooker and even beer pong. It is the perfect Hidden Gem for many reasons.

Hidden Gem in Manchester
Roxy Ball Room – Hidden Gems in Manchester

Axe Throwing

An activity that is fairly new to the Manchester City Centre is Axe Throwing. I came across this by chance as I was walking to the cinema one day and it sounds like so much fun. People were cheering and having a good time. This to me stands out as one of the best Hidden Gems of Manchester because it is a fairly unique experience. Until I discovered it in Manchester that day, I didn’t even know that it was something people did for fun. It is now high up on my bucket list!

I could go on all day about all the adventures you could get up to in Manchester but I guess you would just have to visit the city for yourself!

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Hello and welcome to the first post in my new series. In this travel series I plan on getting a list of Hidden Gems in as many places as possible. By Hidden Gems, I am referring to less popular places and activities that are worth exploring when you are visiting. These could be local bars, restaurants, coffee shops, museums, parks and whatever else. The first in this series is written by the wonderful Catriona from worldwidefootprintsblog. Read on to find out what all the Hidden Gems of Edinburgh are…

After living in Manchester for the best part of three years, it now feels like home. That being said, when I first moved to Manchester from Essex, I found the city very daunting. I have lived very central to the city centre and so it feels like the city never sleeps (not that I’m saying that Manchester is in anyway on the same scale as New York City). Fortunately for me, my partner is from Manchester and so when I met him, I became more familiar with what to do in Manchester. There are so many different areas in Manchester to explore. So, I’ve compiled a guide to living in Manchester for the people who are thinking of moving to the city. This way you won’t be as clueless as me on my first day in Manchester and you’ll know what to expect.

A guide to living in Manchester

Everyone is extremely friendly

When I first moved to Manchester it was to study. From the first day at looking at universities I knew I wanted to move to the North of England. Everyone knows that northerners are really friendly and so why wouldn’t I want to move to Manchester? It was only natural really. I looked at other cities such as: Newcastle, York, Leeds but chose Manchester because of the course I wanted to study. I don’t regret choosing Manchester.

Before moving to Manchester, I never thought I was that shy, but after my first week of random strangers picking up conversations with me I decided I was. Sure, in my hometown people did talk to each other but not on the same scale as Manchester. The first time I was really surprised by a Mancunians generosity was when I was going home for the Christmas holidays. I had a suitcase taller than a child and when I arrived at the train station, the escalators weren’t running. Without a second thought, this guy carried my suitcase all the way to the platform for me, despite heading in the opposite direction.

Do not travel on football days – Especially the Derby

One thing I have learned the hard way whilst living in Manchester is to never travel across the city on football days. Just don’t do it. If you try driving, the traffic will never move and if you get the tram it’s equivalent to rush hour on the London underground. Lets not forget that the city isn’t just rammed with ordinary people. The city is rammed with football hooligans.

This also means that it isn’t always safe to travel after a match – especially after the Man United vs Man City derby. Violence breaks out everywhere. You want to stay far away from any pub – even if you’re not a football fan. There is nothing worse than an angry football fan who’s had a few pints!

A guide to living in Manchester

It is rammed with students

After my second year of university I decided to stay in Manchester for the summer and it was just a much better city to live in. I don’t have a problem with students, but when there’s over four universities in one city, it’s bound to get a little crowded! So, when the semester ends and all the students go home, the city becomes a lot more peaceful.  It also means there is less traffic down Oxford Road (where UoM and MMU are).

The Northern Quarter VS Deansgate

A guide to living in Manchester would not be complete without discussing the two main nightlife areas. Personally, I’m not big on ‘nights out’ but I do not turn my nose up to a glass of wine or two after a long day. There are two different areas of the city centre that are the main areas for a night out. They are Deansgate and The Northern Quarter. For me, they are both great areas to get merry, however, the two areas have different advantages.

The Northern Quarter is the more hipster area of Manchester. It is full with Jazz bars, vintage clothing shops, tattoo parlours, vegan restaurants and amazing quirky bars. Some places have cheaper drinks compared to Deansgate, however I wouldn’t say there’s a huge difference, it just depends on where in Deansgate you visit. One of my favourite places to visit in Quarter is The Frog and Bucket Comedy Club. Every Monday and Sunday (I believe) they host stand-up comedy night for up-and-coming comedians and it’s a brilliant, affordable night.

Deansgate, on the other hand, is a bit more up-market. During the day, it’s the business central hub and there will be suited people everywhere. In the evening, it comes as no surprise that there some really nice sophisticated bars. I can’t talk to much about these as unfortunately, they are a little out of my budget and so have not been. However, Deansgate also has average priced places. One of the best places to visit in Deansgate is the Peaky Blinders Bar – that is if you’re a Peaky Blinders fan, of course.


I could talk about the benefits to living in Manchester all day given half the chance. But, then that would turn into a novel, wouldn’t it? If you’re thinking about making the move, just do it. The worse that could happen is you want to move back to wherever you came from, which is easy enough to do. After all, you’ll only understand why Manchester is a great place to live after you’ve moved there! For more information on things to do in Manchester then check out my Valentine’s day ideas post for more inspiration!

It’s that time of year when I begin to start thinking about where I want to be this summer. After a hard year of work, there is nothing I would want more than chilling on a beach with a cocktail in hand. But, before you can be relaxing in paradise you need to consider a few things. The first thing you need to do is actually book a holiday, which sounds easy enough but when there are thousands of hotels to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision. So, I’ve decided to write a post containing all the things you need to look for in a summer holiday.


The first thing you need to consider is how far your budget will take you. There’s no point thinking of booking a holiday in Barbados for two weeks from England if the flight alone would steal half of your budget. Instead, perhaps looking at holidays within Europe would be a more realistic option. Fortunately, in this era you can get some really good deals, which is most probably why there are more people travelling the world than ever before!

You then need to consider how long your budget allows you to relax on the beach for. When you book a holiday through travel agents like Tui or Thomas Cook the standard holiday times tend to be either 7 days, 10 days or 14 days. That being said, you can go for longer so you just need to check how much money you have and how you’d like to spend it. Would you rather be abroad for longer and have to budget a bit when your on holiday or would you rather only go for 7 days but be able to splash on activities and drinks? It’s entirely up to you and what your preferences are.

What to look for in a Summer Holiday

Type of holiday

This sounds rather basic but it should be one of the first things you think about. What type of holiday do you want to go on? There are endless options here. Do you want to spend a whole week laying on a sunbed or do you want to have an action packed adventure where you are exploring every second of the day? Do you like water-sports? Are you a heavy drinker and would want to spend a week binge drinking on a strip somewhere. What about food? Do you want an all inclusive holiday or would you rather eat in a different restaurant every night?

I never stick to the same type of holiday. I’ve been on holidays where there’s been a beach full of water-sports. I’ve paraglided off a mountain in Turkey and I have also spent a week in Malia drinking way too many vodka cokes. That being said, I have never had a bad holiday and I love experiencing everything life has to offer. But, it all depends on what you want to do. Once you figure this out you can work out where exactly you want to travel to.


Once you’ve figured out your budget and the type of holiday you are after, you then need to pick a location. The best way to do this is to scroll through holidays on travel agents websites. But please do not just look at a pretty picture and be sold straight away. These hotels hire professional photographers so that they look appealing. Sure the bedrooms and the pools look like a 5* hotel but where is the hotel. If you had to get a taxi everywhere when you’re there, would you want to go? Personally, I like the beach and the strip to be within walking distance so that there is always something to do during the day.

Once you find a hotel that has a great location and great facilities then find out where in the country it is. Are there really cool day trips you can go on to a different part of the island? These day trips can become the best parts of a holiday and I wouldn’t ignore researching into them. Put some money aside if you can because when you first get on your holiday you can speak to your holiday rep and they will have recommendations of things to do. These people are paid to do activities so that they can tell you all about them, use these people to your advantage!

What to look for in a Summer Holiday

Things to consider once you’ve found a hotel

  • Does the hotel have air conditioning? Believe it or not there are hotels in extremely hot countries that do not have air con. I’ve been there and it was extremely hard to get a good nights sleep in such extreme heats.
  • Is there WiFi? For obvious reasons, it is very expensive to use your phone abroad – unless you have an amazing phone contract. (In which case, how did you get it? What is your secret?)
  • Do you have to pay tourism tax? In some countries you may need to pay tourism tax for every night that you spend at the hotel. It can range in price, but is usually around 5-10 pounds a night. I’m not sure why this is a thing but it is something to look for when booking a holiday.
  • Will there be a safe in the room to keep your passports in? Whenever I travel anywhere I am always security conscious. I have an irrational fear that when I’m abroad someone is going to want to steal my passport and then I’d be stranded. Most hotel rooms will have a safe you can pay to use in your room however some may not. If you want your belongings looked away safe then this is one thing to remember.
  • Does the hotel have its own entertainment? A lot of hotels have their own entertainment at the pool and in the evening. If this is something you specifically want then make sure the hotel does this before booking.
  • How far away is it from the airport? Are transfers included? Having transfers included in your holiday is a life-saver. Otherwise you would have to worry about a taxi bill as soon as you get of the plane.

Read Reviews

This is probably the most important thing you should do when you’re looking for your summer holiday, or booking up anything in general. Reading reviews is probably the most accurate information you will get about the hotel. After all – these people have been to the place themselves. They will be more accurate then anything the hotel wrote themselves. 

That being said, most people will only write a review when there is something bad to say. I’ve learnt this by working at places like a zoo. You’d find that upset customers are few and far between but then there would be so many bad reviews online and hardly any good ones. Not many people take the time to write nice things, which is a shame. However, the reviews could be accurate. That is a risk you would have to take for yourself.


Anyway, I have come to the end of my advice for looking for a summer holiday. Have I left anything out? Comment below any advice you would give when booking up for holiday through a travel agents.

What do we think about when we think of spring? Daffodils, sunshine and longer days? Poets write about the spring time for many reasons; it is a beautiful time of the year. A cold and gruesome winter has just ended, and festival season is just around the corner. There are endless reasons to be excited for the Spring time, but for some reason Summer is the season that people get most excited about. Sure, if you’re still in education then you get freedom for month or more but, lets not forget the summer days where the heat is too unbearable to do anything. Summer is the season for everyone to jump on the plane and go on holiday, however, I thought I’d share my thoughts on why Spring is the best time of year to travel.

The Weather

One of the main reasons I think Spring is the best time of year to travel is because of the gorgeous weather. Unlike in Summer, you can actually carry your backpack on your back down the street without passing out from dehydration. You don’t have to worry as much about sunburn and finding a seat in the shade. Most importantly, you can take more than two steps onto the beach without the sand burning a layer of your skin off.

Travelling with a dog means there’s even more reason to travel in the spring time. You should always be cautious about walking your dog along concrete when it is very hot outside. A good way to test if it’s too hot is by placing the back of your hand against the concrete in the sun. If you can’t keep your hand there for more than two seconds then do not walk your dog along the concrete. Think of their poor paws! Of course, travelling with your dog during the Spring means you don’t have to worry about this so much. What is more enjoyable than bringing man’s best friend along on your travels with you?

Less People

If you’re obsessed with crowds and screaming children, then by all means book that all inclusive holiday in the middle of August. For me, I find you can experience a culture more when there are less tourists. This is why spring is the best time of year to travel. Think about it, when there are thousands of tourists wandering around, how often do you get to talk to a local? The other good thing about there being less tourists is that you never have to wait for a table or queue for a drink.

Less Expensive

Popularity means that prices rise. This goes for many things in life. So, when all the families get their kids off school and want to go away, the summer holidays become peak season. Because hotels and Airlines know that this is the only period of time a lot of people can go on holiday they know they can get away with raising their prices. People will pay it. So, if you’re in the position where you can travel another time of year then it will be a lot cheaper. It isn’t just airlines and hotels that raise their prices in the summer, you will find that activities and tourist attractions will also have peak prices. For example, if you wanted to visit a museum or a zoo, you will see on their website that they will have different prices depending on what time of the year it is. This isn’t always the case – although it is very common!

Spring is the second warmest season of the year and this is why spring is the best time of year to travel!


Before you go…

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Valentines Day brings romance and joy to people all over the world. For some reason, there is a whole day out of the year dedicated to couples which part of me thinks it’s cute. However, the more rational side of me believes that Valentines day is a big marketing strategy for restaurants and bars to get more money out of people (but that’s a post for another day). That being said, I can speak from experience that when it comes to this time of year, my mind begins to become blank of Valentine date ideas. This will be my second Valentines day with my partner and as we live in central Manchester, there are endless things to do. Sometimes it’s when there are too many options that my mind begins to not function. Do you live in the Manchester area and are lost for ideas of how to spend Valentines day? No worries, dating in Manchester does not need to be difficult – as there are so many things to do. I have compiled a few Valentine Date Ideas in Manchester, U.K.

An Activity of Sorts

If you and your partner consider yourself to be adventurous and love fun activities then there is plenty of things to do on Valentines day in Manchester. Fortunate enough to have the whole day to celebrate Valentines day? The perfect start to the day would be to get stuck in with something fun.

Go Karting

With two perfect locations in Manchester, Go Karting is really accessible to get to. There is a track in both Trafford Park and in Deansgate. Just recently, me and my partner visited the Team Sport Go Karting in Trafford and we had the most amazing time!

Valentines Day in Manchester

If you’re a student and you’re looking for Valentines Day Date Ideas on a budget then look no further. You can Go Kart from just £15 and if you’re not a student, then don’t worry as they also have other offers available.

When you arrive you are given a suit to wear over your clothes and you will have to purchase either a 50p disposable balaclava (to wear under your helmet) or a £3.50 cotton balaclava. Once changed and your bags are packed away in lockers you wait to be called into the briefing room. This is where you will watch a fifteen minute safety video which tells you what all the flags mean. For example, if there is a yellow flag, you need to slow down to a walking pace.

Valentines Date Ideas in Manchester

The whole aim of Go Karting is to try and get the fastest lap time and so if you and your partner are the competitive type, then Go Karting would be the perfect place to spend Valentines Day in Manchester.

Roxy Ball Room

Roxy Ball Room in Deansgate, Manchester will always have a special place in my heart. This was where me and my partner went on one of our first dates and so I just think it’s perfect for Valentines Day.

Inside this bar you can play ping pong and/or pool and I just think it’s the perfect place to go on a date to get to know someone. The music isn’t too loud and if you wanted an activity that wasn’t too expensive then this would be perfect!

Valentines Day Manchester


Dating in Manchester does not have to be boring when Manchester is home to one of the biggest indoor bouncy castles in the country. That’s right I did say bouncy castle! Call me a big kid but there’s nothing more fun then jousting someone on top of a giant inflatable pillar.

In terms of whether or not this place is suitable for a Valentine’s day date then it will all depend on what you do next. If you plan on heading for a nice meal (that requires you to dress up) afterwards then I wouldn’t recommend going to this place first. You only get an hour on the inflatable park but I promise you after half an hour running around and rock climbing, you will be red in the face and sweating. Take plenty of water!

Places to Drink in Manchester

Peaky Blinders Bar

If you’re a Peaky Blinder’s fan then Manchester is the place to be on Valentine’s day! It has a bar themed around the whole t.v. show. I mean, how cool is that! Although I have never watched Peaky Blinders, I have however visited the bar out of curiosity.

My initial impressions was that it wasn’t that different to an ordinary bar. Yes, it’s beautiful outside and it does have themed drinks and characters from the show plastered on the walls, but a bar is a bar. My impression of the place changed when about fifteen lads came in dressed in waistcoats and tweed caps. This made the place feel really authentic.

So, if you are a Peaky Blinders fan then I would definitely recommend visiting. Having watched the show, you may be able to see more from the experience.

Cloud 23

If you only had one day to spend in Manchester, then I would completely recommend visiting Cloud 23 for a cocktail. With a stunning view over the whole of Manchester, It is a perfect place to sit with your loved one for Valentines day. Or, if you’re looking for date ideas in Manchester in general then I would still recommend this.

Cloud 23 - Valentines Day Date

If you fancy climbing 23 floors for the view, make sure you dress up smart as there is a dress code. Also, remember that because this is a unique bar to drink in in Manchester, the drinks come with a heavy price tag. I think I paid around £12 for a cocktail that fit inside a champagne glass. Oh well, seeing sunset over the city makes it all worth it.

Revolucion De Cuba

With regular entertainment and 2 for 1 cocktails, Revolution De Cuba is one of my favourite bars in Manchester. Having only drank in here, I can only tell you how amazing the cocktails are. However, I have heard from many people that there is a brilliant Vegan menu. So, if you eat a plant based diet I would recommend this restaurant/bar for Valentine’s Day.

Revs De Cuba, Manchester - Date Night in Manchester

Places to Eat in Manchester

Chain Restaurants

Just like in every city, there will be plenty of chain restaurants to choose from and most of these will tend to be fair in price. These will include, but are not limited to: Bella Italia, Ask Italian, Bem Brazil, Nando’s, Chiquitos and many many more. Excluding Bem Brazil these meals tend to not be that expensive, especially if you have a discount code that you found online. However, if you are planning to use a discount code then make sure to check the terms and conditions of the voucher. Many promotions will not be valid on Valentine’s Day.


My favourite Italian restaurant in Manchester has to be Gusto. It feels more classy than say Ask Italia and I wouldn’t say it is much more expensive. If you sign up to be a member of their dining club then you can often get up to 50% off your meal on certain days. Again check the terms and conditions as any promotions aren’t likely to be valid on Valentine’s Day.

Gusto Manchester - Valentines Day Date

Surrounded by fairy lights and candles, Gusto is one of the most romantic restaurant to dine at on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day 2019 in Manchester

Are you fully prepared for Valentine’s Day?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading plenty of date ideas in the Manchester area. I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day. However, before you go, there is something you should know. This post was a collaboration with 13 other amazing bloggers who have been preparing advice for Valentine’s day. I strongly recommend that follow their blogs so that you can read more valentine’s day advice over the next fortnight. Below is the schedule of posts for the next two weeks, with links to the blogs so you know where to find them!

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Day 14 – Lastly, Taiwo is writing a piece on, How to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone

I have been writing a blog for less than a year and somehow I feel like I have had it much longer. It has become a huge part of my life and I love everything about it. I have met so many people through the blogging community and have learnt so much about: online marketing, graphic design, web design and social media. However I am yet to figure out HOW ON EARTH people use Pinterest! To all of you people out there who are getting millions of views on your Pinterest page each day, how? Are you magic? Anyway, as I’ve decided that 2019 is the year I take blogging more seriously, I thought I’d write a post all about why I started a blog and why I love it so much.

My love for writing

Ever since I can remember I have kept a diary of some sorts. I do this for two reasons. Firstly, I find it extremely therapeutic and good for my mental health just to get everything down onto a page, whatever I’m feeling. Secondly, I love reading my diaries back and laughing at all the fun times I’ve had. If I don’t write it down, I will forget it and I have some stories that are too funny to be forgotten.

Anyway, growing up I always knew I would be a writer of some sorts but it wasn’t until I visited my university’s career adviser in second year that I decided to create a blog. I was advised to start one so that I would create a portfolio of work to show future employers if I wanted to go down the journalism route. With help from my partner who knows absolutely everything about the internet and websites, I began blogging.

My love for travel

I hope for my blog to become more travel focused as my bank account begins to grow and I travel to many more places. One of my favourite things to do is read travel blogs on the internet and so, when I was deciding what my blogs niche would be, I decided travel. Although currently I write about anything that comes to mind, I plan on going on many adventures soon and so my blog will become a lot more travel orientated.

Although my goal is to give my blog a travel niche, I cannot stress how unimportant having a niche really is. When I read blogs, I tend to invest in the person writing. I will admit to being an extremely nosy person and I love reading about what everyone is up to. So, if you’re reading this and would love to start a blog, my advice would be to stop worrying about have a niche. They are unimportant. Start writing and you might find you naturally have a niche later on. But for now, just start something. You learn things as you go along.

Overcoming my fears

Starting a blog can be scary to some people. It was for me, I felt so embarrassed and paranoid that people I knew would read it and laugh. However this doesn’t bother me anymore because writing on my small section of the internet makes me happy and whoever is laughing can just stay behind the screen and out of my life. Anyway, I overcame this fear just by ignoring them and worrying about them later – now that I’ve started, I never think about what I was worried about. Plus, now I have this hobby that has brought me to some amazing people. I have found new blogs to read and it’s amazing the new stuff you can learn. One second I’m reading a blog all about the gym and then the next I’m learning about what to do in Belgium for a weekend away.

This is why I started blogging and why I love it so much! If you’re a blogger, comment below all the reasons why you love having a blog. If you’re not and you would like to start a blog, then comment below all the reasons why you haven’t started yet!