If you are planning a holiday in Devon this year, you will no doubt be interested in the local cuisine, of which there is plenty. Devon has a unique culture and that is reflected in the delicious dishes they create, and with that in mind, here are a few must-tries when holidaying in the beautiful county of Devon.

  • Pies and Pastries – Thanks to high quality of dairy products available in Devon, you can enjoy a wide range of dessert type pastries in any of the tea shops, and with clotted cream and home-made strawberry jam, there is a wide range of delicious pastry-based dishes on the menu.
  • The Cornish and Devon Pasty – This delicious pie that is filled with meat and vegetables is known the world over, and for good reason. Anywhere in either Devon or Cornwall, you can sample many types of Cornish Pasty, especially when you have a drink in a quaint local inn. There are many ways to make this pie, and by visiting many different eateries, you can explore the many different types of pasty in Devon. With fully equipped North Devon holiday cottages to rent, you can buy the local ingredients and make your own Cornish pasties, in fact, renting a luxury cottage is by far the best way to ensure a comfortable and convenient holiday in Devon.
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  • Cream Tea and Scones – This is a combination that everyone loves, and you can enjoy these delicious scones in an authentic tea room, of which there are many. The cows in Devon graze on good quality grass, and this is one of the reasons why Devon is famous for cream and particularly cream tea.
  • Devon Cider – The cider in Devon is perhaps the best in the world, and the local people have been making it for centuries. It can be found in any of the pubs or inns that are in all the local villages and towns. If you would like to know more about Devon cuisine, there are articles you can easily find online. Many tourists like to frequent the old pubs, where they can sample locally made cider, along with traditional ales that are brewed locally, plus you will get to hear a few pirate stories from the locals.
  • Locally Made Fish and Chips – While the entire country enjoys fish and chips, the locally made meals in Devon use really fresh fish, such as cod or haddock, and if you plan on visiting Devon in the high season, fish and chips vans can be found everywhere and they represent great value too!
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If you are thinking about Devon as your next summer holiday destination, search online for luxury cottages in North Devon and you can make your booking, just remember that the best cottages are booked well in advance. The cuisine itself is varied, and with your very own kitchen, you can buy the local produce and try out a few dishes using a local recipe.

When you holiday in Devon, you will get the opportunity to sample the very best of the local cuisine.

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  1. I have been looking to spend more time seeing more of the UK this year (so far so good) and Devon is on my list of places to explore. I would love to try some of this food first hand as it looks so good! x

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