Thailand is one of the most exotic holiday destinations there is, and the tropical climate can easily affect a westerner’s health, what with disease and germs that your body is simply not accustomed to. If you are planning a trip to Thailand in the near future, here are some essential tips to ensure that you remain fit and healthy enough to enjoy the experience.

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Stay Hydrated – The tropical climate in Thailand is very humid, especially between February and May (Thai Summer), and it is essential that you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. People sweat while sitting in the shade, and if you are trekking or doing anything physical, always have a bottle of water with you. Dehydration can trigger something else, and as your immune system is not familiar with the environment, you must take special care in many ways.

Only Drink Bottled Water – This is an absolute must, as it is oh so easy to get an upset stomach by drinking tap water, and if you take out one of the private escorted Thailand tour packages you can book online, you will be in very good hands. You must also take care with ice, as any ice made from tap water would bring the same results as drinking the water. Your guide would know establishments that are safe, and with their help, your holiday will be a stress-free experience.

Holidaying in Thailand
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Avoid Street Food – As delicious as it is, eating a few pork sticks from a roadside stall can quickly lead to stomach issues, and while a veteran expat would have no problem, a tourist does not have immunity to local germs and viruses. One of the advantages to having a tour arranged is that you have an experienced guide with you at all times, and they would know what is safe to eat.

Dengue Fever – This disease is carried by mosquitoes, which are everywhere at dawn and dusk, and while this might be more of a problem in rural regions, many people in Bangkok catch dengue fever from a single mosquito bite. Your best line of defence is to rub mosquito repellent over all exposed areas, which can be bought locally, and it smells quite nice too! For more information on staying healthy in Thailand, a quick search online should lead you to a few helpful articles.

Watch Out For Sunburn – If you have a pale complexion and have just arrived from a European country, you must take extra-special care with the sun. Use some suitable sunblock, especially if you plan on being in a coastal area, as the salt makes it worse, and always apply this after a swim. Wearing a hat is a good idea, and while you might love to be in the sun, there is a very real risk of getting burned, especially during the first few days.

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