Almost 3 years ago I moved away from my hometown and settled in Manchester to study Drama at the University of Manchester. Moving to a new city has taught me a lot. I learnt how to cook, clean, fend for myself. I learned to balance both my work and my personal life and it wasn’t always easy. However, I decided to move back to my hometown after university to start the next chapter of my life. I also never returned home for three months during each academic year at university and so it feels like a lifetime ago that I have lived in my hometown. It has now been almost two months since I returned home and so I thought I would share my experience of moving back to my hometown and all the things that I have learnt.

Everything seems smaller

When I returned to my hometown, everything seemed a lot smaller. I think this is partly because before moving away I had lived there for 18 years, I knew it like the back of my hand. Whereas every day in Manchester I was discovering something new. Yes, Manchester is a lot bigger than my hometown but I think it had more to do with the fact that I only spent 3 years in Manchester compared to 18 in my hometown.

You will bump into everyone

Manchester was full of so many strangers where as almost every-time I go out in my hometown, I will bump into at least one person that I know. This could sometimes be a nice thing but more often than not I would see someone I knew It would be a friend of a friend, that I wouldn’t necessarily talk to. This makes your hometown feel more small as it is like everyone knows everyone.

Your favourite places will change

The strangest thing about moving back to your hometown is that everything will have changed and be different. Clubs you used to go to will now be full of people a lot younger than you and places you used to hang out will no longer appeal to you. Returning to your hometown fills you with nostalgia. Perhaps you’re not as close to the friends from your hometown as you used to be and all your memories are simply memories. For me, nostalgia is a great emotion. Whether you’re reminiscing on good or bad memories, they contributed to the person you are today.

I don’t feel homesickness often but I am always happy when I return home. Comment below your experiences of returning home after a long time away. Was it a happy reunion or could you not wait to leave again?


  1. I had a similar experience when I moved back to Orkney for a few months! It felt reeeeally small, and you ended up seeing the same people every week. It was nice for a while, but I’m also glad to have moved on again!

  2. My hometown is on different continent to me and I must say I’ve had very similar experience. I tend to see everyone, and everything seems so familiar but also so different. I don’t think I’d move back, but I love going for a visit. The one thing that has never changed is the inviting smell of the beach.

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