Pick a cruise for the perfect solo holiday
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There was a time when cruises were exclusively for the wealthy and elderly who want a luxury holiday experience like no other, yet the cruise industry has evolved over the past decade. The numbers of families that take cruise holidays is growing, and with exciting on-board activities for the kids, a cruise is the ideal holiday getaway for a young family. Aside from family-oriented cruises, the single traveller has everything on tap, and when you want some peace and quiet, relax on one of the many sun lounges.

The Best Of Both Worlds

For the single traveller, a cruise offers the best of both worlds, and when you want to socialise, there are almost unlimited options that include bars, casinos, cabaret shows and sports, to name but a few. When you want some alone time, you can find a quiet corner of the sundeck, or spend a few hours in your luxurious cabin, and being able to choose when you socialise is one of the big attractions for solo cruise passengers.

Solo Cabins

Pick a cruise for the perfect solo holiday
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If you are looking for cruises from Brisbane 2019 tours, there are some that have single cabins, which is obviously cheaper than a double. While a single person can take a double cabin, you are better off with a single cabin, as the cost is slightly lower. In the past few years, more and more cruise liners are catering for single travellers, and you should not have any difficulty finding suitable cruise venues that offer single cabin accommodation.

Destination Choices

Brisbane is the ideal starting point for a seven-day Pacific cruise that takes in the tropical island paradise of Vanuatu and New Caledonia, and there are quite a few Brisbane cruises that make for a great 3 to 4-day mini break. You can sail along the Great Barrier Reef and take in the breath-taking scenery that this part of Australia is well-known for, and if you fancy a 14-day cruise, you can explore some of the South Pacific islands like Papua New Guinea.

Mini Cruises

If you would like to sample cruise life, why not start with a short 3-4 day cruise that will be the perfect introduction to life on board a state-of-the-art cruise liner. This would be a great way to see whether or not cruising is for you, and a simple Google search will take you to an established cruise holiday operator, where you can explore more than 200 different cruises. There are often last-minute bookings available, which offer a discount on regular prices. If you would like to know more about the amazing benefits of a single traveller cruise, there are informative articles available online that examine cruising for singles.

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Many cruises offer the single traveller perks, such as access to the plush cocktail lounge for pre-dinner drinks, and you often have the choice of dining alone, or sharing a table with other single travellers. With so much to do on a cruise ship, you get to choose when you get involved and when you want to enjoy quality downtime with your own company.

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