Have you ever lost money from a non-refundable flight or hotel reservation because something suddenly came up in your life prohibiting you from traveling? You are not alone. Thousands of people every day lose money this way because they are not aware that their reservations may be transferred and sold to another traveller through a safe and trustworthy platform.

Thankfully, SpareFare.net has come up with a solution for this frustrating problem. Its marketplace connects people who have already bought a flight, hotel room, or holiday package but are unable to use them, with buyers searching for travel options at bargain prices. This allows sellers to recover a portion of their money, while the new buyers receive a discount of up to 50-60% from the current price of travel bookings. It is a total win-win for everyone and a much-needed solution in the travel industry!

Saving your non-refundable holiday

Can I sell my flight to someone else? Yes, you can!

Many people are unaware that their reservations can be transferred to other travellers. However, flights, for example, can be transferred to someone else if your airline allows you to change the name associated with the flight ticket. The airline usually charges a fee for name changes which tends to vary from airline to airline. Most low-cost airlines offer name changes as part of their official policy statements and the name change is completed through the airline’s online website very quickly.

SpareFare - refund my holiday

Can I sell my hotel reservation to someone else? Absolutely!

Hotel reservations are even easier to transfer. If the reservation is made through an online booking engine, the name change is done through the traveller’s online account. If the booking is made directly through the hotel, all you need to do is call the hotel’s reception desk and they will do it for you. Hotels typically do not charge name change fees.

How are secondary travel marketplaces different from selling your flight on platforms like Ebay, for example?

SpareFare has built-in fraud protection for both the buyers and the sellers in its system. It acts as an intermediary which dramatically reduces the risk typically associated with transferring flights, hotel rooms and holidays to strangers. Sellers gain protection because they do not have to change the name on the reservations and pay the name change fees until SpareFare has received the money from the buyer. This, then, guarantees the sellers that they will be refunded for the name change fees on a reservation, ensuring they won’t lose even more money than before.


Buyers gain protection, as well, because SpareFare doesn’t release the money to the seller until the date of the flight or the check-in date of the hotel to ensure the reservation is legitimate.  This prevents sellers from selling the same reservation to multiple buyers. This varies greatly from selling or purchasing travel reservations on platforms like Ebay, where trust is a significant barrier between buyers and sellers. And with so many technological hacks and travel scams in our world today, users are rightful to be cautious about general selling sites like Ebay. Travel reservations are expensive, and if something goes wrong, travellers can suffer considerable losses. SpareFare also verifies the authenticity of all offers when they are listed on the platform. This assures buyers that they will not be scammed and the listings are available for transfer.

Disclosure: This article is published in partnership with SpareFare.


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