If you grew up in England and your parents were not rich enough to be flying back and forwards from DisneyLand to Tenerife, then you were most likely taken on a very British caravan holiday. By a British caravan Holiday I mean a holiday where the kids can spend all day participating in the kids club and the adults can get drunk on cheap pints. You would be situated at a small seaside town and spend a lot of time by the amusements. My fondest memories of spending a week or two at a caravan park often revolved around walking to the beach and crabbing from the rocks. Did anyone else do this? Anyway, if you are heading off on a British Caravan Holiday read on for all of my tips and advice to making it a fun filled week.

1) Food

The greatest things about a caravan holiday is that you can make it as affordable as you like (accommodation aside). Having a kitchen you can use is really a blessing because children don’t really mind where they eat as long as they get fed. I personally don’t understand why you would eat out every day when staying at a caravan because if you add all the pennies out, you may have been able to afford a week at an all-inclusive resort abroad. At the start of the week do a food shop and make your own food, this way you can spend your money on more holidays!

2) Stay off the Machines!

Perhaps this is because I was raised to be frugal with my money, but I really hate seeing people throw their money away on the machines. At every seaside town, there will be a pier or an arcade/casino full of machines that are money grabbers. Some people think that taking your children to an arcade is the only thing that will keep them entertained in a small seaside town, but it isn’t.

There are so many games you can play at the beach that will keep the whole family entertained. Many team sports can be played on the sand and you do not have to follow all the rules for a family friendly game. Be creative and use your imagination and you are sure to have a fun filled holiday.

3) Kids Club

I’ve found that many caravan holiday parks have their own entertainment and this usually includes a kids club. When I was younger, I remember participating in treasure hunts, dance offs and even learning some cool circus skills. If you have children I suggest sending them to some of the activities as you have paid for it, after all.

4) Board Games

Deciding to stay in the U.K. for your family holiday comes with one major challenge… the weather! It is extremely unpredictable and unlike a holiday in Spain, you aren’t guaranteed the sun for the whole week. It will likely rain and personally I can’t think of anything more cozy then sitting inside a caravan on a rainy day. The greatest advice I could give for your holiday is to make the most of every moment.

Pack some board games and a pack of cards for those rainy days and teach your children or fellow peers some new games/tricks. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood include sitting in a caravan with my cousins whilst my nan taught us many different games. We could sit and play for hours and not get bored. As my nan would say, you don’t have to spend tons of money to have a good time!

5) Long Walks

A nice way to break the day up is to head out in the afternoon and/or evening (around your schedule). Not only are you spending time together as a family but you may find something on your journey that you would like to do one day on your holiday. I usually prefer to walk along the beach in the evening or at sunset with an ice cream. There’s something so relaxing about looking out at sea.

British Caravan Holiday

No matter how you decide to spend your holiday, the most important thing is that you enjoy it! These 5 travel tips are my personal opinion that I have formed from experience. Some people may disagree with me and so it’s important to just spend your holiday doing the things that you love!


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