After a short but scenic tour of Northern Ireland this past weekend, I thought I would write a review of one of the many things I got up to. Before heading to the airport on our last day in Northern Ireland, we decided to pass through Belfast to visit the Titanic Museum which tells you everything you need to know about the building of the ship and -of course – the sinking of the ship. Visiting the Titanic Museum in Belfast was incredibly interesting and the attraction even includes the opportunity to go aboard the SS. Nomadic – the last surviving White Star Line ship which was a sister ship to Titanic. For me, I have been a huge fan of the movie Titanic for as long as I can remember and I even did a school project on the tragedy at school. So, visiting the titanic museum in Belfast was well suited for me.

Lifeboat on board the Titanic
Replica of a Lifeboat on board the Titanic
Lower Class rooms aboard the Titanic


Cost and travel

Comparing the price to visit the Titanic museum against other museums I have visited, I would say the admission price was average or slightly above average. I purchased a student ticket for £15 however for an adult ticket the price goes up to £18.50. I would not say the ticket was overpriced however, for the price I would have liked the audio guide to have been included – rather than paying an extra £3. I didn’t opt for the audio guide however I wish I had. Having someone speak to you I find is a lot more entertaining that just walking around reading signs with lots of information on them.

In terms of travelling to the Titanic museum in Belfast, I simply got in an Uber from Belfast Lanyon Place train station. This was a lot cheaper than I had thought however Belfast is a city which you can easily walk around and have a little mooch. However, this wasn’t an option for me as I was on a time constraint. I was not sure how long walking round the Titanic Museum would take so I didn’t want to risk it. As a quick and selective reader, it took me around two hours to explore both the Titanic Museum and SS Nomadic.

The History of Titanic

If you love history then you will love the Titanic Museum in Belfast, it’s as simple as that. No detail is left out including but not limited to: the engineering logistics of the ship; the industrial city of Belfast and why the ship was made in this city; the working conditions for the men; and of course, the sinking of the ship. It also has a section on the myths surrounding Titanic and whether the movies were accurate in their depictions -which I found rather entertaining. Did you know that although Jack Dawson was a figment of James Cameron’s imagination, there was actually a passenger aboard the titanic named J. Dawson who unfortunately did not survive.

Although I love history I was expecting the Titanic Museum to revolve more around the sinking of the ship and not the industrial revolution. The museum could have had less information about this stuff and more interactive sections. It has a small ride and an interactive cinema exploring the wreckage on Titanic, however I could imagine children would easily get bored here.

SS Nomadic

SS Nomadic – the last White Star Line

Overall, I found climbing on board the SS Nomadic to be slightly underwhelming. If you weren’t interested in the Titanic Museum but would love to step aboard the ship then I would not recommend paying almost £20 for it. You could just get a nice photo in front of it and see it from the outside. When you step aboard the ship, it is empty and you can not go downstairs to where the men would shovel coal into furnaces. Perhaps this is due to health and safety but there is nothing interactive on the ship. Also, the information you are given by the tour guide on the ship is limited. He/she essentially tells you that the different patterned floor is allocated to different classes and that it was used during ww1.

Where Titanic was built
The huge space where Titanic was built.

Overall thoughts

If you are visiting Belfast then the Titanic Museum is something you should go check out if you are even slightly curious about the history behind the ship. It is an integral part of the history of Belfast. However in terms of how entertaining the Titanic Museum is compared to other Museums I’ve visited, I wouldn’t rank it. Perhaps this is because I didn’t pay extra for the audio tour? If I was a child I would quickly be bored and so there could be a lot more interactive activities about boats and ships in general to occupy children.

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  1. This looks like my kind of museum! I’ve been to the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri, but this one looks great, too. Thanks for the review.

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