When another year comes around, there is always the usual people claiming, ‘New Year, New Me’ and for some reason others complain about this. They claim that each new year is the same and you don’t become a new person over night. I disagree with this. I think that the New Year is a perfect time to decide what positive changes you will make in your life. Sure, a lot of people don’t stick to them for very long. But a new year brings new opportunities and experiences and everything is so exciting in January – anything can happen. I predominantly started my blog so that in years to come, I could read back at my posts and reflect on them. So, I’ve decided to write a post explaining all what I am looking forward to in 2019. One day, I may reflect and see if any of this stuff I’m about to ramble on about actually happened.


This year is the year that I graduate (hopefully) from university and it’s about time. If you’ve followed me for some time, you are probably aware that me and academia do not see eye to eye. I’m not going to get into all the reasons that I see university as a controlling and uncaring institution. If you would like to read more about that then you can do so in my post about why university is not for everyone.

Anyway, in May I will submit my last piece of academic work ever. This is a huge relief for me because doing something that you hate for so long can really take an impact on your mental health. You’re probably thinking: if you hated it that much, why didn’t you just quit? Well the short answer to this is I hate leaving anything half done at the best of times. Let alone something that I have spent thousands of pounds on. With the end of university brings freedom for me for many reasons…


This year my partner will fully launch his web design and marketing business and I will be working on it with him. I am going to specialise in social media marketing and writing for SEO. Me and my partner are incredibly excited about this because this business will hopefully give us the freedom to work in any corner of the world. After working in retail for many years, it will be a huge relief to stop working for someone else and start working for myself. Instead of being paid by the hour, we will get to control how much money we earn by how much work we’re willing to do. I am so excited to learn a lot more about the online world in doing this. There is also another reason I am excited about this opportunity…

I am going home

After living away from Essex for three years, I will be back spending a significant amount of time back at home. Me and my partner will move there after my house contract ends and so I will get to spend some real time with my family and hopefully reconnect with some friends I lost contact with. This isn’t a permanent residence as me and my partner will be jetting off to Australia to begin our one year working holiday visa as soon as we have the funds for it. Regardless, I just cant wait to really be in a routine of seeing everyone again rather than spending a week at home every few months. This of course means I get to walk my two dogs every day, which I love more than anything.


My travel plans this year entirely depends on how much money I have in the bank. This year I begin saving for a year long trip to the other side of the world, however I always have the itchy feet to travel and so I don’t doubt there will be a holiday or city break somewhere between now and the end of the year. Me and Neil know that we will have a holiday this summer but we are still torn between places to visit. We know we want a summer holiday under the sun and close to a beach, however we don’t want the hotel to be in the middle of nowhere as we are very active people and love to be doing something all the time. I’m sure we will find something and so I will stuck at the gym till then working on my summer body

Anyway, those are the main things I am looking forward to in 2019. I’m sure new opportunities and experiences will find their way towards me but for now I am looking at the year with excitement but also nerves. Doesn’t everyone graduating university feel nervous about what life will throw their way next?

Comment below what your goals for 2019 are and what adventures you have in store – I’d love to hear them!

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  1. So exciting that you’ll be graduating soon! Finishing university is certainly a huge milestone in one’s adult life. Australia sounds super awesome, and it’s without a doubt that it’ll be an adventure for you. Good luck with your business, and have a great new year!

  2. You have a lot to look forward to in 2019! Best of luck with your goals and adventures!

  3. Emma Kershaw Reply

    Good luck with the rest of University, it’s definitely not easy and you should be so proud of yourself! x

  4. I totally agree with you about new year’s being a good opportunity to make a difference! It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things planned for this year and I always find life is so much better when there’s something ahead to look forward to! Happy new year Connie 😊💜

  5. Great goals! Truly glad you are graduating. Good luck on your business.

    I want to be as healthy as possible with my lifestyle.

    I’m in the USA and I want to travel internationally- either Japan 🇯🇵 again or Australia 🇦🇺

    Get closer to my significant other!

    And enjoy life more this year by rolling with the punches and understanding life is a process of good times and bad.

    Teri – MillennialAdulting.life

      • I went in 2017 and it was my favorite! I created a YouTube video of my trip if u wanna see. I had so much footage I still need to do a second video lol.

        This is just my personal youtube. It’s nota business youtube or anything.

        I was thinking of doing a tips to Tokyo blog post tho.

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