What do we think about when we think of spring? Daffodils, sunshine and longer days? Poets write about the spring time for many reasons; it is a beautiful time of the year. A cold and gruesome winter has just ended, and festival season is just around the corner. There are endless reasons to be excited for the Spring time, but for some reason Summer is the season that people get most excited about. Sure, if you’re still in education then you get freedom for month or more but, lets not forget the summer days where the heat is too unbearable to do anything. Summer is the season for everyone to jump on the plane and go on holiday, however, I thought I’d share my thoughts on why Spring is the best time of year to travel.

The Weather

One of the main reasons I think Spring is the best time of year to travel is because of the gorgeous weather. Unlike in Summer, you can actually carry your backpack on your back down the street without passing out from dehydration. You don’t have to worry as much about sunburn and finding a seat in the shade. Most importantly, you can take more than two steps onto the beach without the sand burning a layer of your skin off.

Travelling with a dog means there’s even more reason to travel in the spring time. You should always be cautious about walking your dog along concrete when it is very hot outside. A good way to test if it’s too hot is by placing the back of your hand against the concrete in the sun. If you can’t keep your hand there for more than two seconds then do not walk your dog along the concrete. Think of their poor paws! Of course, travelling with your dog during the Spring means you don’t have to worry about this so much. What is more enjoyable than bringing man’s best friend along on your travels with you?

Less People

If you’re obsessed with crowds and screaming children, then by all means book that all inclusive holiday in the middle of August. For me, I find you can experience a culture more when there are less tourists. This is why spring is the best time of year to travel. Think about it, when there are thousands of tourists wandering around, how often do you get to talk to a local? The other good thing about there being less tourists is that you never have to wait for a table or queue for a drink.

Less Expensive

Popularity means that prices rise. This goes for many things in life. So, when all the families get their kids off school and want to go away, the summer holidays become peak season. Because hotels and Airlines know that this is the only period of time a lot of people can go on holiday they know they can get away with raising their prices. People will pay it. So, if you’re in the position where you can travel another time of year then it will be a lot cheaper. It isn’t just airlines and hotels that raise their prices in the summer, you will find that activities and tourist attractions will also have peak prices. For example, if you wanted to visit a museum or a zoo, you will see on their website that they will have different prices depending on what time of the year it is. This isn’t always the case – although it is very common!

Spring is the second warmest season of the year and this is why spring is the best time of year to travel!


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  1. Love the idea of travel in the spring. Here is the US summer is so hot you don’t want to leave the house and people are everywhere! Spring is a much better time to travel definitely.

  2. You’re absolutely right about spring being an excellent season to travel! It’s also the prettiest of all seasons, perfect especially for trips that don’t include sunbathing.

    Laura // afinnontheloose.com

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